Canada is expected to steady the number of permanent residents and modify work permits for graduates.

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By Education Today

Posted on November 6, 2023


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Following years of immigration expansion, the Canadian government intends to stabilise new levels of permanent residency in 2026 and has committed to updating the post-graduation work permit programme to better meet the needs of the labour force.

Record numbers of permanent residents have been admitted to Canada in recent years; the number peaked in 2022 at 437,000. However, this has put pressure on housing and infrastructure.

In an effort to strike a balance between the demand for labour force and the provinces’ capabilities, the federal government has recently unveiled an updated strategy to restrict future expansion. It has pledged to “develop a more integrated plan to coordinate housing, health care, and infrastructure” by coordinating with regional authorities and working across government ministries.

The number of overseas students choosing to study in Canada has increased in tandem with increases in permanent migration. Based on research, the majority of foreign students who study in Canada intend to stay permanently, yet many end up being let down.

On November 1, the Immigration Minister Marc Miller unveiled the government’s updated goals, stating that Canada will stick to its original plans to add 485,000 and 500,000 new permanent residents, respectively, in 2024 and 2025. The number of permanent residents will be stabilised at 500,000 by the government in 2026.

World Education Services Canada’s managing director, Shamira Madhany, stated that while the new immigration targets “appears to take a balanced approach in today’s context,” they still allow overseas students to apply for permanent status. Madhany also said that, “At the same time, additional steps can and ought to be done to improve Canada’s appeal as a travel destination” 

In order to boost important sectors, the government has also vowed to revise the post-graduation work permit programme; however, little information about the specifics of this modification has been released.