Oxford International Education Group and Kent collaborate to establish a new international college.

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By Education Today

Posted on November 10, 2023


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The University of Kent has chosen Oxford International Education Group as a partner to help increase international recruiting and improve global reputation by establishing UK IC.

In order to do this, OIEG stated that it will assist the university in implementing its global engagement strategy, providing it with valuable insights into the diverse needs of students and assisting in the provision of a smooth hiring process that prioritises quality.

Chief Development Officer David Pilsbury of OIEG said With a lively town and a just one-hour drive from London, this exciting partnership establishes a dedicated international college in the centre of the University’s Canterbury campus.

According to Bremermann-Richard, the OIEG strategy is results-driven, going above and above to help students succeed in their coursework and make sure the transfer to a university is “seamless.”

The recently established UK IC offers students the option to select from two undergraduate or one postgraduate programmes, each of which leads to a variety of degrees at the University of Kent.

The university hopes to promote its 2025 strategy, which is centred on fostering equality, diversity, and inclusivity, by working with OIEG in order to attract a larger and more diverse pool of international students. With this new relationship, OIEG will have seven embedded pathway partnerships in the UK.