Best Short-Term Study Abroad Programmes for Students

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By Swetha Sukumar

Posted on November 24, 2023


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Best Short-Term Study Abroad Programmes for Students

According to the current trend, lakhs of Indian students are migrating annually to foreign countries for their studies. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, but it also requires careful planning and preparation. When we choose a course for our studies there are many things to consider. But there are also many who cannot afford long-term courses at high cost, for them;depending on their goals, budget, and academic needs, diverse short-term study programmes are on offer Choosing a course for studying abroad will always depend on your goals, budget, and academic needs., and this article will help you choose short-term courses in your desired field at an affordable cost.


What are Short-Term Programmes?


Short-term programs are programs where you can complete your studies in a short period and earn certificates. Their study period is usually less than three months and often takes place during the summer, winter, or spring breaks. For students who want to gain exposure to a different education system, language, and culture without spending a lot of time or money, these programs are ideal.


Short-term programs can be used to investigate a particular subject or area of interest or to meet general education or elective requirements. Such programs have many advantages, such as being more affordable and flexible than long-term ones, as well as being simpler to integrate into academic calendars and graduation plans.


Types of Short-Term Study Abroad Programs and Universities


Short-term summer study abroad programs tend to be the most popular time for student travel—and many programs tend to last around four weeks. Embark on a month-long language immersion program or special-topic courses. There are study abroad programs that last from one month to one week. Students can choose courses according to their interests and passions.


Most popular universities for studying short-term courses


University of Cambridge International Summer Programs: The University of Cambridge is located in the UK and offers several short-term courses for students across the world. They offer four weeks of courses in the following subject streams:

  • Global Challenges (including Politics, International Relations, Climate Change)
  • Literature, Philosophy and the Visual Arts (including Creative Writing, Shakespeare, Modern Literature, Art History)
  • History (including Medieval Studies, Ancient and Classical Worlds, Archaeology)
  • Science (including Psychology, Genetics, Sustainability, Astronomy, Physics, Microbiology)
  • Business and Innovation (including Finance, Marketing, Creating Innovative Ideas)

University of Sydney, Study Abroad Program: The University of Sydney offers an internship program specifically designed to provide exposure to the Australian environmental workplace.  Students attending courses are offered the same quality of education as undergraduate students. Students get the same workload and information as in a normal semester for the course’s six-week duration. They also get short-term units of study. A lot of internship programmes are offered to students after this programme. If they have a successful internship stint,, they will have no problem staying in Australia as a result of the same.

International Summer Institute for Business Management (ISIBM) at the University of Victoria: If anyone is looking for management related courses then ISIBM is the best place to learn. The International Summer Institute for Business Management (ISIBM) is an intensive three- to four-week program. This program combines theoretical concepts with experiential learning. Topics covered include Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Service Management and International Business.

Automotive and Mobility Studies at RWTH Aachen University International Academy, Germany: This course is mainly designed for those interested in the automotive business. Students in this program are BSc and .E graduates. Stand out in the global job market and advance your career with a certificate from one of the most highly recognized technical university in Germany

Introduction to International Business at the University of California, USA: The University of California offers a variety of courses for students to choose from. One of these courses introduces them to international business and how they can look at environmental, economic, political and social issues when doing business abroad. The duration of the programme is six weeks, with 7.5 hours of instructor presentation of course material each week. Students also get 15.5 hours each week of outside work hours. This gives students a chance to understand the field better.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge, UK: People who are interested in travelling and visiting more than one country can opt for this course. This is an eight country event! The course includes London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Lake Como, Lugano, Rome and Rhodes. Students learn what they love and can go on many adventures, which is a dream for many students! Students can choose the appropriate field according to their major and preference; These fields include nursing, pre-med, science, technology, engineering, psychology, sociology, urban planning, and more! The duration of the course is five weeks and is convenient considering how many countries they are going to visit. Plus, it earns up to nine academic credits!

By offering a mix of one-month or just one-week courses, students can be sure to find subjects relevant to their current studies or to match their area of ​​interest.

Studying abroad for a short period of time is the ideal way to experience a new culture and nation. You may obtain the same quality of college credits in a month as you would in a semester.