Scope Of Geriatric Care Abroad

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By Deba Priya R

Posted on December 5, 2023


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scope of geriatric care

Being an infant is not the same as being an elderly person. To continue moving forward in life, nevertheless, both require the greatest attention and assistance. While taking care of a baby is not easy, taking care of the elderly can be even tougher. Elderly people seek abundant patience and unwavering kindness. 

Opportunities that await in geriatric care

According to the Population Reference Bureau “Asia and Europe are home to some of the world’s oldest populations, those ages 65 and above. At the top is Japan at 28 percent, followed by Italy at 23 percent. Finland, Portugal, and Greece round out the top five at just under 22 percent. Southern Europe, which includes such countries Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain, is the oldest region in the world with 21 percent of the population ages 65+. Twelve percent of China’s population is age 65 or above. That share is 16 percent in the United States, 6 percent in India, and 3 percent in Nigeria.”*

Several occupations offer training in how to assist the elderly in their latter years. Physicians, nurses, doctors, and physical and occupational therapists who specialise in the treatment of elderly patients fall under this category. Healthcare providers who work with older adults oftentimes cooperate with each other to offer comprehensive care to patients, their carers, and other family members.

Having a certification programme in geriatric care can be beneficial if you intend to pursue a job in the healthcare industry overseas. To work in this sector, one must hold a certification in geriatric care in the majority of countries. Due to the growing market, this industry is expected to have a bright future and significant demand. 

Geriatricians are becoming increasingly skilled in therapeutic approaches in a field where demand is growing. Thanks to advancements in medical technology and research, geriatricians are now able to treat illnesses and injuries in novel ways, hence expanding the range of treatments that are accessible to the aged. Working with geriatric professionals can be made easier with the support of short-term geriatric care courses.

Career Choices Available

Being a geriatrician might be demanding and difficult at times, but if it’s a career one truly wants, it can also be a wonderful path. Opportunities in geriatrics and other healthcare disciplines that include caring for the elderly should increase as the population ages. The following are some of the industries covered by geriatric care:

  • Healthcare careers: Healthcare can prepare you for careers as geriatric nurse, nurse practitioners, physicians, or physical and occupational therapists, specializing in the care of older adults.
  • Social work: Social workers specializing in gerontology work with older adults and their families to address various social and emotional issues.
  • Counselling and psychology: Geriatric psychology focuses on mental health issues in older adults, providing counseling and therapy services.
  • Geriatric care management: This helps to coordinate the care of older adults, helping them navigate the healthcare system and access necessary services.
  • Assisted living and long-term care administration: You can work in the administration of senior living facilities, nursing homes, or hospices.
  • Policy and advocacy: Graduates can influence elderly care policies and advocate for the rights and well-being of seniors.
  • Geriatric consulting: Provide expertise to individuals, families, and organizations seeking guidance on elder care.
  • Home healthcare: Work as home health aides or caregivers, offering in-home care to older adults.
  • Aging in place solutions: Focus on creating solutions and technologies that enable older adults to age in place with more independence and quality of life. 
  • End-of-life care: Specializing in palliative care and end-of- life services for terminally ill older adults.

A person who is interested in this sector and wishes to study more in this field can opt careers such as:

  • Audiologist
  • Dental lab technician
  • Dietitian
  • Geriatric pharmacist
  • Geriatric psychiatrist
  • Geriatric staff nurse
  • Geriatrician
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Physician assistant
  • Podiatrist

Possibilities of a global career pathway

Geriatrics originated in long-term care facilities in the United Kingdom and evolved into post-acute and rehabilitation care starting in the 1950s. In the United Kingdom, geriatrics was the most common acute hospital specialty at the end of the 20th century. 

The medical discipline of geriatrics is acknowledged in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Nine nations such as Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Iceland, Germany, New Zealand, Turkey, and the United States have it as a specialisation. 

The role that geriatrics plays in the entire medical care system differs significantly between nations and continents. By focusing on the countries that specialize or give priority to geriatric care can have high scope in geriatric careers. The United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe hold the top spots in the field of geriatric medicine. Geriatrics has created primary care models in Finland and Canada in addition to positions based in hospitals.

Gearing up for a career

To pursue a career in geriatric care you should have the following educational qualifications,

  • 10+2 pass from a recognized board
  • A person who has a bachelor’s degree in social work, nursing, psychology, public health or gerontology.
  • A person who has a master’s degree or diploma in geriatric care.
  • Pre-work experience in social work or elderly care.

There are international universities that provides courses in geriatric care, some are given below,

  • University of Glasgow – End of life care: challenges and Innovation (Online course)
  • Charles Stuart University -Graduate Diploma in Aged Care Management. Specialization in aged care (On-Campus, 1 Year)
  • Western Sydney University- Diploma in Aged Care Management (On-Campus, 1 Year)
  • Ignite Colleges in New Zealand – Diploma in Aged Care and Disability Practice Level 5 (On-Campus, 65 Weeks)

CMC Vellore, DYPMC Pune, BMCRI Bangalore, GMC Aurangabad, are some of the Indian institutions that offer courses in geriatric care.

The pursuit of a career in geriatric care requires specialised training. Their ability to handle the complex and interconnected issues affecting senior care will be aided by this. The inevitable aging process that comes with being a human is driving up demand for specialists in the field of geriatric care. A wide range of job options are available in this subject due to the increased interest in enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens. If this feels like  your calling, go ahead and explore these options, right away.