OIEG brings its Notre Dame partnership to Australia.

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Posted on January 19, 2024


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The University of Notre Dame Australia and the international education corporation Oxford International Education Group have announced an integrated program agreement, marking the company’s first entry into the Australian market.

With campuses in Sydney, New South Wales, and Fremantle, Western Australia, OIEG will “establish an innovative new operational model and platform for growth” for the institution through the deal.

While OIEG views the partnership as essential to becoming a major provider of educational services for the region, the partners claim the cooperation is part of an effort to “build back better” following the epidemic in Australasia.

Michelle Campbell, the deputy vice chancellor for international and partnerships at Notre Dame, cited OIEG’s “outstanding reputation” in North America and Europe for helping students meet their academic objectives.

We recognize that receiving a top-notch international education may have a profound impact on a student’s life and enable them to pursue their dreams and develop into responsible global citizens who strive to better society as a whole. We’re excited to work with Oxford International to accomplish amazing things,” she remarked.

OIEG’s first cooperation in Australia will feature customized services for recruitment, compliance, conversion, admissions, student assistance, and enrollment.

“More students will have the opportunity to study abroad at the academic institutions that best suit their needs and where they can contribute to the learning experience for all students and the wider community by further expanding our partnership portfolio.Notre Dame is our first partner in Australasia, and we are happy to announce that Australia has always been a desired location,” stated Lil Bremermann-Richard, CEO of OIEG.

On the same day that Navitas made its debut in France, the company announced a new relationship. OIEG has announced collaborations with Edinburgh Napier University and the University of Kent in the UK throughout the past six months.

Rivals have also unveiled fresh proposals in the US, Hertfordshire, and Cardiff. Bremermann-Richard has already issued a warning that the rhetoric and policies of the UK government may be harmful to the nation.

Notre Dame has committed to offering students across all programs local or worldwide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and educational immersion experiences, as part of its 2022–2026 strategic plan. The university also wants to guarantee that every faculty offers a minimum of two combined international degree programs.

“Australia is a highly sought-after destination and a wonderful place to study.We are able to support a top-notch university in its efforts to grow and diversify its student base, as well as extend our student offering throughout Oceania, thanks to this cooperation,” stated John Wood, OIEG’s head of Business Development, Australasia.

“International students will be welcomed, supported, prepared, and successful in their study in Australia through Notre Dame’s integrated programs and the excellence of educational provision.”