Ireland’s approved SELT expansions open up new possibilities.

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Posted on January 25, 2024


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Aspiring students will have more options thanks to the central admissions office in Ireland’s crucial endorsement of PSI Services’ Skills for English: SELT.

The test has gained acceptance as an assessment tool, opening doors to 17 prominent universities nationwide.

Trinity College Dublin, one of the top universities in the world, is among the wide variety of institutions to which the approval opens doors. This is a historic occasion for the university as it is one of the most prominent to embrace our assessments.

Furthermore, University College Dublin, which is widely recognized as one of the top universities in the world for recruiting, has joined this exclusive group of establishments that accept Skills for English: SELT.

This historic accomplishment is the result of a committed year and a half of work aimed at understanding the Irish acceptability landscape and successfully gaining recognition.

As a result, the test becomes available to tens of thousands of potential students who want to attend English-speaking universities, broadening their educational opportunities.

In addition to pertinent entrance levels, such as pre-degree courses (Higher or Advanced Certificates) and undergraduate courses (Ordinary or Honours Bachelor Degrees), the primary acceptance requirements entail a minimum admission requirement of B2 Pass with Merit.

The Central Admissions Office, which oversees admissions processes at all Irish universities, has published the requirements for acceptance for applicants from the UK, EU, and EFTA. The precise requirements, which include the acknowledgement of Skills for English: SELT, are available on page 11 of the Central Admissions Office website (CAO Website).

This accomplishment not only demonstrates the legitimacy and applicability of Skills for English: SELT, but it also demonstrates the dedication to expanding educational options and access worldwide.