Sheffield University Invites Applications for MBA Scholarships Worth £10,000

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Posted on January 29, 2024


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For students beginning their MBA in September 2024, the Sheffield University Management School is accepting applications for several scholarships, valued at £10,000 each, on a competitive basis. The scholarship does not require applicants to submit a separate application. Every applicant who receives an offer of admission to the full-time MBA program will be automatically nominated for the MBA scholarship.

Candidates who can show exceptional academic achievement, professional advancement, and potential to contribute to the MBA program will be given scholarships.

Eligibility criteria

The admissions team will evaluate the application, including the personal statement, as part of the application process. Additionally, candidates’ performance in the MBA admissions team interview will be evaluated.

— Applicants to the scholarship are required to hold any offer to study the Sheffield MBA, conditional or unconditional.

— Applicants who have been offered a place through the exceptions process cannot be considered for a scholarship.

Selection criteria

When assessing the application, the school will give regard to how applicants addressed the following questions (200 words per question) in their personal statement:

— Why you want to join Sheffield MBA and any other information you want to include in support of your application.

— How do you think you stand out based on your professional experience and any other notable achievements?

— How will you contribute to the Sheffield MBA?

— How will you benefit from our focus on consultancy, entrepreneurship and leadership?

— What are your career aspirations and how will The Sheffield MBA help you achieve those?

The MBA admissions panel will review all candidates’ scores collectively after the “decisions returned” deadline for each stage has passed. The MBA Program Director will then receive all recommendations and grant final approval.

It is important for applicants to keep in mind that the Sheffield MBA Scholarship 2024 cannot be combined with any other university scholarship. Additionally, candidates cannot be sponsored students and must begin their program at the University of Sheffield in the fall of 2024. The scholarship will only be used as a reduction in tuition. There isn’t a cash substitute.