IIT Delhi, Queensland University to Offer Joint PhD Programme

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Posted on February 14, 2024


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The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) and University of Queensland (UQ) will offer a joint PhD programme to support scholars across diverse discipline areas through the UQ-IITD Academy of Research (UQIDAR). Applications are underway and will remain open until March 15, 2023.

Under the joint PhD program, UQIDAR aims to train a significant number of students, with supervision from faculty from both UQ and IIT Delhi. There will be the chance for students to study in Australia and India. The following applicants will be evaluated for admission as i-students: Indians and foreigners, with the exception of Australian nationals. I-students will spend the first year of their studies at IITD and then continue for a minimum of one year at UQ. After that, they will finish the remaining coursework at IITD.

Domestic applicants from Australia will be given consideration for admission as q-students. Q-students will spend the first year of their education at UQ before continuing for at least a year at IITD. After that, they’ll finish their remaining coursework at UQ. Scholarships will be available to Indian nationals and international applicants as i-students, with the exception of Australian citizens.

Eligible Indian students will receive a scholarship package as follows:

In Year 1 (at IITD), they will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 41,000.

In Year 2 (at UQ), they will be provided with an annual stipend of A$ 32,192.

For Years 3 and 4 (back at IITD), they will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 45,000.

Additionally, they will get a relocation grant of A$5200 to help with their travel expenses between Brisbane and Delhi. The overseas student health cover (single policy) will be given to them during their second year in Brisbane. For Indian students, there will be no tuition fees at UQ.

For their year at UQ, they will have to pay the A$324 Student Services and Amenities Fee, though. IITD will charge tuition for the whole time they are enrolled in classes. The students will be eligible for all benefits provided to full-time PhD students for the duration of their enrollment at either university.

Furthermore, in compliance with the current PhD student policy of IIT Delhi, if they do not live on campus, they will receive a House Rent Allowance during their time at IITD.