Brazil’s Copastur establishes a counseling division

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Posted on February 20, 2024


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The largest corporate travel company in Brazil, Copastur, has expanded into the education counseling space and founded a company called Change Programs.

Change Programs’ chief executive and a product development specialist described the move as a “natural venture” for Copastur, adding that the company’s current business will greatly contribute to the first year’s success.

As it is Copastur’s primary business, “we are going to prospective clients with the Change Programs brand, but of course, we are going to prospective corporate clients as well,” stated Diogo Jansen.

He continued, “So it’s a little bit different from the rest of the market,” having faith in the opportunity to approach Copastur’s current business clientele.

Working with those corporate clients would entail entering businesses and establishing professional development courses along with educational programs in English and other languages.

According to Ligia Maas, head of Change Programs, “these companies have a budget for training, and for training managers and directors and such.”

“We believe we can develop programs that align with our clients’ businesses, and in doing so, doing something no one else does in the market.”

The concept was first conceived in 2019, however the corporation chose to reorganize and devote more time to developing the Change Programs organization when “everything stopped” during the epidemic.

As with every aspect of Copastur’s overarching business plan, according to Maas, the goal was to create a 360-degree experience for the customer where they could find “everything they need inside” the company. According to her, Change Programs are no different.

The Change Programs organization already holds the designation of an English UK Agency and an ICEF.

With more appointments and conference attendance planned for 2024, Copastur’s foray into school counseling has already brought them to several conferences, including Studyworld in English UK.

“We currently have about 35 agreements with various schools, both chain and non-chain,” stated Jansen. According to Jansen, the goal is to have numerous schools teaching different languages, and the idea is to be able to send students to schools all over the world.

Prioritizing corporate students will come first, followed by a number of private students, according to Maas, before expanding to include more individuals.

Since quality is what drew us into the industry, we don’t merely aim to give a competitive pricing. We take great pride in the caliber of the services we provide,” Maas continued.