NCUK discloses Saudi Arabia’s “pioneering” route

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Posted on February 29, 2024


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The Pathway provider NCUK, in collaboration with Advanced Learning Academy, has unveiled a new in-country option in the Saudi Arabian capital. Now that NCUK is providing its in-country pathway provision in 40 markets globally, it is being heralded as a significant achievement.

“Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be able to enroll in our university pathway programs and complete a foundation year program much closer to home, giving them the tools they need to succeed and complete support throughout their university journey,” stated Stuart Smith, CEO of NCUK.

On February 27, Sir Steve Smith, the UK’s International Education Champion, and the CEO of NCUK spoke at an event held at the British Embassy in Riyadh. The UK’s foreign education strategy for 2021 includes Saudi Arabia as one of its five key markets for Sir Steve.

The collaboration, according to Sir Steve, is a prime example of NCUK’s “dedication to widening access to UK education.” He declared, “It is a testament to [NCUK’s] commitment to providing Saudi Arabian students with access to top-notch higher education.”

“This initiative aims to create a global educational community and enhance the academic fabric of both our countries, not just to provide access to the UK’s universities.”

NCUK has established a number of new agreements in Bangladesh’s Dhaka and Pakistan in recent years.

It also disclosed in 2020 a significant agreement with Education New Zealand that will allow students to attend the eight universities in the nation while borders are closed. The collaboration has persisted even after the pandemic.

September 2024 will mark the start of the NCUK International Foundation Year at the Advanced Learning Academy in Riyadh. Students who successfully complete the city’s International Foundation Year will be granted direct admission to over 50 colleges spread across five study locations, offering undergraduate degrees.

“The International Foundation Year Program is a tremendous advancement for the Saudi education industry,” stated Pak Louey, CEO of Advanced Learning Company, the organization that owns Advanced Learning Academy.

“The partnership between NCUK and us offers students a once-in-a-lifetime chance to further their education at world-class universities. This Riyadh location will mark the beginning of the trip, offering parents preparing their kids for study abroad significant discounts, convenience, and comfort.”