NSDC, Deakin University Jointly Launch Job Readiness Programme

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Posted on March 5, 2024


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NSDC International (NSDCI), a subsidiary of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) today launched the Global Job Readiness Program (GJRP) in partnership with Deakin University, an Australian university. The GJRP project was launched on Skill India Digital Hub (SIDH) platform.

The pre-programme assessment process will determine the two levels of proficiency at which the global job readiness program will be offered: Foundation and Intermediate. The program entails that young Indians who enroll will go through in-person training sessions and develop a variety of skills through the use of flip cards, diagrams, videos, and other visual aids.

The program for job readiness will provide a workable interface, thorough search, tailored suggestions, online tests, and job matching.

Young talent will receive training in six essential areas, including soft skills—communication, teamwork, problem solving, innovation, digital literacy, and financial literacy—through an online delivery method.

After completing the program, students will take a post-program assessment, after which they will receive a digital badge and certification that will enable them to work with ease in the constantly changing job market. In order to give students a perspective on their performance, the program will also include a performance scale report on the pre- and post-assessment.

“Deakin’s Global Job Readiness Program partnership with NSDC International is now active, and it will be fascinating to watch how this calculated move helps India’s aspirational youth professionals reach their full potential. Through the integration of Deakin’s worldwide proficiency with NSDC’s dedication to skill enhancement, the program will furnish a distinct set of abilities that will reconcile the divide between industry and skill development to fulfill its requirements. With this partnership, India’s workforce will be able to compete on a global scale and play a major role in the country’s advancement, according to Deakin University CEO for South Asia and Vice President for Global Alliances Ravneet Pawha.