University Living Announces Social Scholarship Programme for Indian Students

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Posted on March 11, 2024


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University Living, a platform for study abroad student accommodation, has launched third edition of its Social Scholarship programme. Interested candidates can apply for the scholarship at the official website —

Students have time till May 31 to apply for the study abroad scholarship. In the past two years, University Living has distributed scholarships worth £25000.

Social Scholarship: How to apply

Step 1: Visit the official website —

Step 2: Fill the scholarship form and book accommodation with University Living.

Step 3: Record a video sharing your social work contribution.

Step 4: Upload the video on the Instagram and tag

Applicants should be aware that June 30 is the deadline for sending in your information and video application.


—  All Indian students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or diploma programs at any of the UL-provided locations in the UK or Australia are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

— The applicant should possess an offer from any university located in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia to enroll in a course that meets the requirements.

— Interested Students should have made a reservation with UL and have a booking ID that has been verified.

— The candidate’s actions must have contributed to social advancements, promoted social cohesiveness, or assisted in the empowerment of any marginalized or minority groups. Alternatively, every action made to improve the environment, society, or welfare of animals will be assessed. It is made clearer, though, that the magnitude of the impact or the number of recipients will not determine who gets the scholarship.

— Scholarships are only available to full-time students.

The social scholarship has a total value of £1000, or one month’s rent, whichever is less. The scholarship would be paid as the accommodation amount’s second installment. The accommodation invoice for the second installment of rent, which must run continuously from the date of check-in to the date of the second installment, must be submitted by students. The date of the second rent installment should coincide with the payment plan that the student submitted when he/she/they were awarded the scholarship (should they win) and when his/her housing was finalized.