Department of Biotechnology Announces New Interdisciplinary Research Programme in Biosciences

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Posted on March 14, 2024


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The Ministry of Science and Technology’s Department of Biotechnology announced today the start of a new multidisciplinary bioscience research program. The new program, which aims to advance excellence in biotechnology research and education in India, was unveiled as a cooperative effort between the RCB, ICGEB, and BRIC (iBRIC) institutions. The official website of the BRIC-RCB PhD programme in biosciences is (ideate, immerse, innovate, collaborate). We’re waiting on application deadlines and registration information.

The interdisciplinary PhD programme in biosciences will be offered to students with a master’s degree in life sciences and medicine graduates and BTech/BE in non-biological sciences.

According to the official website, the program will offer classroom and online instruction, workshops, and hands-on training in advanced technology platforms to facilitate learning in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences.

It includes a three-month immersion programme, supported by an additional grant to expose students to real-world challenges and aims to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship among young scientists.

After completing the coursework and immersion program, the scholars would join the various BRIC (independent research and development) institutions, RCB, or ICGEB under the supervision of appropriate supervisors to conduct doctoral research in accordance with their areas of interest.