A business school smashes the Guinness World Record for Classroom Diversity

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Posted on March 16, 2024


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In a recent session at the London branch of Hult International Business School, representatives from 60 different countries came together to break a Guinness World Record.

Participants from over 50 different nations were obliged to participate in a 45-minute lesson under the title “Most Nationalities in a Business Lesson.” 

Ninety undergraduate and graduate students from as far apart as Uzbekistan, Canada, Georgia, Mauritius, and Nigeria gathered at Hult, a very international business school with campuses in London, Dubai, and New York. 

Under the direction of renowned leadership and strategy specialist Professor Chris Kingsville-Heyne, “The Crisis for Leaders” course taught students the fundamentals of crisis response, mitigation, and management.

An impartial timekeeper kept an eye on it to make sure the record-breaking endeavor was authentic. In order to verify their nationality, students had to bring their passports to class. A representative of Guinness World Records attested to the accomplishment. 

Those in the seminar included students from the Hult Master of International Business program. “When someone asks me about a fun fact, I can now say I was part of a world record attempt!” remarked Melanie Buritica, a student in the class of 2024. Not everyone, in my opinion, has that honor. Definitely going on my resume. 

Another international business student in the class of 2024, Tomaz Nicolai Diaz, continued, saying, “I think this was pretty reflective of what’s common at Hult. There are at least thirty different countries represented in my class alone, and there are only 60 individuals in our cohort overall.

“Being surrounded by so many diverse viewpoints forces you to get closer and concentrate more on the similarities than the differences.”

One of the most diversified business schools in the world is Hult. Based on the 2024 Financial Times MBA Ranking, the current class of MBA students has 98% foreign students, which puts them in the top 15 globally for the percentage of international students in the classroom.