Amidst a shift in global policy, Ireland attracts South Asians.

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Posted on April 4, 2024


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Anglophone countries are finding success in attracting international students from Southern Asia, with the UK government revising its Graduate Route visa, Australia enforcing more stringent English language standards, and Canada establishing a temporary study permit cap. 

India, Ireland’s largest market in the region, has been drawing South Asian students in recent years; from just 700 in 2013, over 7,000 students will be studying there in 2023.  

Ireland’s education ministry, which is in charge of marketing the nation’s foreign universities, has been utilizing this momentum to host education fairs around India. Those involved have suggested that Irish businesses facing a labor shortage would gain from hiring Indian graduates.

Sri Lanka is also gathering momentum; in recent weeks, 11 delegates from Irish universities, colleges, and technological universities visited Colombo as part of the government’s Education in Ireland delegation for South Asia.

Specialized subjects such as healthcare, engineering, science, information technology, business, art & design, and hospitality draw students. Merit-based scholarships up to €4,000 are also available.

South Asian students are increasingly opting for undergraduate programs, according to Nilanjana Shihn, regional manager for India & South Asia at MBEC, who is assisting Trinity College Dublin.

According to experts, Ireland’s new global Talent and Innovation Strategy, which aims to expand the nation’s global footprint by 2030 by establishing physical presences in six priority places, is a proof of the country’s dedication to welcoming international students.

Dublin saw riots in 2023, and anti-immigrant demonstrations were held responsible. According to several pupils, racial incidents have grown routine since then.

Almost five hundred students from Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka took part in the virtual expo hosted by Education Ireland on February 8.

Kevin Kelly, Ireland’s ambassador to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, said, “This event has not only reinforced Ireland’s stand as a premier destination for international students, but also showcased our nation’s burgeoning reputation for educational excellence.”