IIT Delhi Scholarships for UG, PG Students

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Posted on May 13, 2024


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Each year, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) awards scholarships to meritorious students who demonstrate merit. Some come in the form of waived college fees, while others are sent directly to the students’ bank accounts as benefits.

Scholarships for deserving students at IIT Delhi are crucial for their financial support in addition to offering academic help. Donor-endowed scholarships supplement the IIT Delhi scholarship program and help more students achieve their goals of excellence.

List of scholarships and eligibility

Merit-based scholarships for BTech and MSc students are available to those with a CGPA of at least 6 and a family income of no more than Rs 4,50,000 annually. These scholarships offer a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend of Rs 1,000 to no more than 25% of the students who apply. Ten percent more of the students who fit the income requirement receive tuition waivers. For all students falling under the SC, ST, or PwD categories, there is no tuition to pay.

– Research assistantships worth Rs 12,400 per month are offered to MDes, MTech, and MS(R) students in addition to teaching positions. A CGPA of eight or higher is required for fifth-year dual degree students to be eligible for these scholarships.

– Teaching/research assistantships, worth Rs 31,000 for the first two years of the program and Rs 35,000 for the final two, are given to PhD candidates.

– A grant of Rs 1,50,000 is available to all PhD candidates to cover conference travel costs once during their program. Students can win a second one of these awards if they exhibit proficiency in research.

Merit and means UG scholarships

IIT Delhi offers merit cum means (MCM) scholarships to students with family income below Rs 4,50,000 lakhs per annum (LPA) and have a GPA of at least 6. However considering the high costs of tuition Rs 2,00,000 per annum (LPA), UG students at the Institute with family income above this threshold also require support.

Donor-supported merit cum refers to scholarships given to students whose household income is less than Rs 9,00,000 annually and who must pay the entire cost of tuition. The JEE Advanced ranking is used to select students, and their ability to continue hinges on maintaining a CGPA of at least 7 at the conclusion of each academic year. Half of the tuition is covered by the Rs 1,00,000 annual scholarship, which is awarded for a maximum of four years.

Additional choices include selection based on academic and extracurricular achievements, scholarships awarded in the second year, etc.

Scholarships for MSc Students

The Joint Admission Test for MSc (JAM) is used to determine admission to IIT Delhi’s two-year MSc programs in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Scholarships are given to students whose families earn between Rs 5,00,000 and Rs 9,00,000 annually under the donor-supported merit cum scheme. Based on their JAM rank at admission, students are chosen, and their ability to continue into the second year is dependent upon achieving a CGPA of at least 7 in the first year. The two-year scholarship, worth Rs 50,000 year, is all that is offered.