IIT Madras is Inviting Applications for BS in Electronic Systems Programme, JEE Not Required

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Posted on May 14, 2024


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Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is inviting applications for the third Batch of the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electronic Systems Programme. This four-year programme features multiple exits and the students can get a Foundational Level Certificate, Diploma or the BS degree. JEE Main or JEE Advanced scores are not required for registering to this programme.

Applications for the May 2024 term are accepted through May 26. Applying is possible through the study.iitm.ac.in/es website for those who are interested.

According to an IIT Madras announcement, the program was introduced in March 2023 and presently has over 1,000 students enrolled.

IIT Madras states that one of the program’s main objectives is to develop a pool of graduates with expertise in India’s embedded manufacturing and electronics industries. The initiative supports the goal of India Semiconductor Mission to establish India as a global center for electronics design and manufacturing.

Professor Boby George, Faculty Coordinator of the BS in Electronic Systems program at IIT Madras, emphasized the program’s distinctive features by saying, “This program integrates online learning of theory with hands-on laboratory experiences and in-person examinations.” This creative method highlights IIT Madras’ dedication to offering cutting-edge and meaningful learning experiences and is a major step toward ensuring that anyone interested in studying from this program can get a top-notch education from anywhere.

Additionally, students can conduct experiments in the different lab courses that this subject requires. The lab curriculum consists of two sections where students complete weekly experiments and turn in videos summarizing their findings. The students finish the exams and repeat the experiments during an in-person visit to the IIT Madras campus, according to the institute.