ApplyBoard collaborates with TD Bank in Canada.

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Posted on May 18, 2024


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One of Canada’s biggest banks and the student recruitment portal ApplyBoard have partnered to help top source country students with their financial management.

As of January 2024, TD served over 27 million clients. It will assist students traveling to Canada from countries including India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, Morocco, Senegal, and Vietnam in meeting the requirements for the Student Direct Stream.

In order to provide prospective students with a Guaranteed Investment Certificate that verifies their financials, the specific collaboration—the TD International Student GIC program—relates to proving proof of financial ability.

At the start of the year, the required evidence of money was increased, more than tripling from CAD $10,000 to CAD $20,635 as of January 1.

Through the TD program, students can enhance their study permit application by providing verifiable Proof of Financial Support from ApplyBoard. ApplyBoard CEO Meti Basiri stated on LinkedIn, “Our private and secure technology offers a positive experience, giving students peace of mind during the application process.”

Students can open an International Student Guaranteed Investment Certificate at TD without having to pay an application fee thanks to the TD International Student GIC Program. Furthermore, even before they travel to Canada, students can begin collecting interest at a reasonable rate,” he continued.

When presenting evidence of funds on TD’s system, participants in the TD International Student GIC program will also have the option to “strengthen study permit applications” by utilizing ApplyProof, the company’s verification tool, according to the bank.

The bank stated that the platform’s goal is to offer centralized, efficient document verification in order to reduce wait times and foster confidence in the authenticity of the documents supplied.

Along with financial resources, Basiri noted that the partnership would provide “personalised support” to TD program participants both prior to and throughout their stay in Canada.

The proof of funds requirement was raised, international student enrollment was capped, and each province was given a specific number of Provincial Attestation Letters to regulate the number of students in each area. These developments have resulted in significant changes to Canada’s international education landscape in recent months.