IIT Kanpur Scholarships for UG, PG Students

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Posted on May 20, 2024


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IIT Kanpur

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) provides scholarships to worthy and deserving students every year. While some are in the form of college fee concessions, others come as direct benefit transfers to the students’ bank accounts.

Merit-cum-means, INSPIRE, and donor scholarships are all offered to students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs at IIT Kanpur.

IIT Kanpur: List of scholarships

1. Merit cum Means Scholarship: For the length of the program, students are given a pocket allowance of Rs. 1,000 per month in addition to full tuition waiver. The recipients are required to keep their CPI at least 6.5. However, pocket allowance is withheld if the CPI drops below 6.5 but stays over 6.0. To be eligible for this prize, a student just needs to present their parental income certificate. Students from other categories (SC/ST) who have annual family incomes under Rs 4,50,000 are eligible to apply for this award.

2. INSPIRE Scholarship: Students are awarded a research grant of Rs 20,000 in addition to an annual scholarship of Rs 30,000 per semester (Rs 60,000 total). This award is available to students enrolled in BS programmes in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics departments that rank within the ALL INDIA RANK (AIR) 10,000 according to the Common Merit LIST (CML). To apply for this scholarship, students must provide the SSPC with an assurance that they will not be receiving any other scholarships each semester. Since this scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit, winners must keep their CPI at least 6.0.

3. Donor Scholarships: Needy and deserving students can apply for Donor Scholarships from IIT Kanpur. The specifics of the several donor scholarships that are offered to students. A pupil ought to have a Total Family Annual Income (TFAI) < (TFAI_norm) and a CPI ≥ 6.0. Currently, the TFAI_norm is 6.0 lacs. Following the determination of the first round of Donor Scholarships, the means criteria may be loosened to (1.5*TFAI_norm). The following standards may be applied in order to award further donor scholarships if there are still unawarded donor scholarships.

– It may be opened to additional students in the following order, although it is intended for students in a given year in a specific department or departments.

(i) pupils in the same department(s) over all years

(ii) pupils in that specific year in every department

(iii) students from every department and every year.

It is intended for students in a certain department of all years and may be accessible to students in all years and departments.

– The scholarship amount available in the following academic year is double of the initial amount if a donor scholarship is not awarded in that academic year. As a result, if funds are still available, two students may receive this scholarship in the next academic year, in accordance with established protocols.

The above changes will only be implemented with the donor(s)’ consent. Please take note that the table below refers to the aforementioned requirements as MCM-Donor criteria.

4. The Free-Basic-Mess Scholarship is available to kids who fall within the SC/ST category and whose parents make less than Rs 4,50,000 annually. Under this, students get a pocket allowance and a free basic mess bill.

5. External Scholarships: The Institute assists its pupils with their applications for a range of outside scholarships. The list below is not comprehensive, therefore there may be additional external scholarships for which you may be qualified or interested. It does, however, provide information about some external scholarships that IIT Kanpur students have previously applied for or received. The Government of India (GoI) established the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) to provide students nationwide with comprehensive details about the numerous GoI scholarships, as part of the Prime Minister’s Digital India initiative.

6. Sports Scholarship: IIT Kanpur students who demonstrate leadership in sports-related activities on campus that promote development, progress, and increasing engagement in various sporting activities are eligible to receive up to 20 scholarships annually, each worth Rs 1,000 per month for nine months. Performance in Inter-IIT and other external sports competitions demonstrates excellence in sports.