University of Manchester announces scholarships for Indian students

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Posted on May 27, 2024


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University of Manchester announces scholarships for Indian students

The University of Manchester has announced a series of scholarships for Indian students for the September 2024 intake. These scholarships, which include the Global Futures Scholarship and the Humanities International Excellence Scholarship, are intended to help deserving Indian students who want to attend universities to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The evaluation criteria will be based on academic merit. Any recipient of an offer who meets the qualifications will get a tuition cost reduction as a scholarship. The following is a list of scholarships offered to University of Manchester students:

Global Futures Scholarship

Undergraduate and graduate students from all across the world, including India, are eligible to apply for the Global Futures Scholarship. The University of Manchester provides 100 merit-based, £21,000 undergraduate scholarships to international students.

The following requirements must be met in order to apply for direct first-year entry in 2024: A Levels, IB Diploma, Indian Class 12 (only boards from Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, CBSE, and ISC), Advanced Placement (AP), or the equivalent.

Additionally, the university grants 100 £8,000 merit-based scholarships to international students pursuing postgraduate studies. The quality of the scholarship application and the applicant’s academic standing will be taken into account when awarding the scholarship.

Humanities Bicentenary Scholarships

The University’s Humanities department also offers bicentennial scholarships, which give eligible applicants additional alternatives for financial help. There is no need for a fresh admissions process as the admissions process for the academic session beginning in September 2024 has already begun. All scholarship applicants will receive updates via mail regarding the shortlisted candidates.

A postgraduate candidate will earn £10,000 for one year of study, while an undergraduate student would receive £2,000 for any UG courses. Both the School of Environment, Education and Development and the School of Arts, Languages and Culture are eligible for the scholarships. It is imperative to bear in mind that any scholarships offered by the University of Manchester are deducted from tuition costs at the time of enrollment.

Humanities International Excellence Scholarship

The scholarship is intended primarily to assist deserving foreign students who are pursuing postgraduate studies in humanities at the University of Minnesota. Candidates must have an offer to enrol in a university-approved programme and have completed their undergraduate studies with an overall grade point average of between 60 and 70 percent (varies depending on the Indian university).

For comprehensive eligibility requirements and application processes, students interested in the University of Manchester scholarship options are urged to visit the relevant scholarship webpages.