IIT-Mandi Introduces 5-Year Integrated MBA Programme

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Posted on May 28, 2024


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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi launched a five-year Integrated MBA (BBA Analytics Honors and MBA DS and AI) programme. The programme is offered by the School of Management, and IIT Mandi claims to be the first IIT to introduce this course.

This course is aimed to provide students with a complete understanding of management, as well as abilities in analytics, data science, mathematics, and statistics, through a carefully selected curriculum. Overall, the programme at IIT Mandi seeks to develop future business leaders with a strong understanding for technology and cross-functional management skills.

During the first few years, this programme at IIT Mandi sharpens students’ critical thinking and creative ability with basic courses in management, analytics, mathematics, statistics, communication, and personality development. In later years, the programme includes a number of specific courses that prepare students to apply technology across management functional areas.

The programme provides students with a unique opportunity to earn a master’s degree in management from a top-tier institute in the country immediately following their 10+2. The program’s industrial internships, training, and exposure to varied business contexts seek to cultivate socially conscious future business leaders with a deep understanding for technology and human values.

Students will also complete two industry internships, one of which will last six months, providing significant exposure to the corporate world. Another unique provision enables students to explore entrepreneurship as a career path by providing access to IIT Mandi’s incubation center.

“As a leading technical college, IIT Mandi has been rigorously assessing industrial requirements. Organizations are increasingly relying on data science and artificial intelligence technologies to make business choices and achieve a competitive advantage. As a result, there is a greater demand for corporate executives who understand and can effectively employ these technologies in the workplace. The MBA program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence was created in 2022 to meet the industry’s demand. This year, we took a step further by launching the five-year IMBA program.” Prof. Laxmidhar Behera, Director of IIT Mandi.