Queen Mary University of London cancels certain online courses.

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Posted on June 11, 2024


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Queen Mary University of London

In January 2027, Queen Mary University of London will no longer be accepting new students for its Queen Mary Online courses, which are offered in collaboration with CEG Digital. 

Students enrolled in the program’s courses received an email from UK Russell Group University at the end of May announcing the changes. Additionally, it is stated on the Queen Mary Online website that enrollment for “our online courses has closed.” 

In addition to postgraduate certifications and diplomas, Queen Mary Online offers four postgraduate degrees.

In the email to students, Queen Mary Online noted that some students with dramatically changed study schedules could be impacted, even though the majority of presently enrolled students are expected to complete their courses by the specified 2027 date without any problems.

Queen Mary Online emphasized that they would investigate all available options to enable impacted students to successfully finish their degrees.

The Cambridge Education Group company CEG Digital provided the particular courses to Queen Mary.The online courses offered by Queen Mary stand apart from those offered by Queen Mary alone, which are not offered in conjunction with CEG Digital. The latter will still be offered. 

The Queen Mary Online website, which is well-liked by students from abroad, highlights the university’s “firmly international” perspective. Through the courses, international students were able to complete a postgraduate degree from a UK institution without having to pay the expenses of living and attending a UK university in person.

The Queen Mary Online course prices were set at the same rate for both UK and international students, in contrast to other online courses offered by the university.

When the university teamed up with CEG Digital to offer online master’s degrees in 2016, Queen Mary Online was established. Then, according to Rebecca Lingwood, vice principal of QMUL’s Student Experience, Teaching, and Learning, “our objectives to expand our educational offering are supported in large part by our strategic partnership with CEG Digital.”

The university’s long-term plan, Queen Mary’s Vision 2030, which was unveiled in 2019, includes online education as well. According to the proposal, “everyone who has the potential is able to access a Queen Mary education without necessarily coming to London.” “Significant investment in postgraduate online learning” was used to plan this. 

According to Queen Mary’s declaration, there is a “long-term commitment to expanding learning opportunities.” Nevertheless, there have been issues with Queen Mary Online.

The first four programs were revealed by the university in 2016, when the Queen Mary-CEG cooperation was launched. A year later, in September 2017, the first program—an MA in International Relations—was introduced. Soon after, in May 2018, an LLM in International Dispute Resolution was introduced. In September 2018, an MSc in Global Public Health was introduced, and in May 2019, an MA in International Public Policy. 

No other courses have been successfully launched since the latter’s debut. When Gideon Shimshon, who oversaw the Queen Mary Online project in his leadership capacity, left in April 2022, the position ceased to exist because the organization failed to appoint a successor.

At the first-ever London Higher Awards, Queen Mary achieved success in its non-online work by taking home the awards for Outstanding Contribution to Student Employability and Best Research Collaboration in London.