A racial equity initiative is launched by Queen’s University to address cultural inequities.

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Posted on June 13, 2024


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Queen's University

A course on the Racial Equity Programme has been developed by Queen’s University, Belfast, one of the research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom (UK). Under the direction of the Racial Equity Champions Network, this program is the engine that propels innovative efforts to promote racial and cultural equity at Queen’s University.

An event on Race Equality in Higher Education recently served to further promote this idea. Academics, researchers, practitioners, and students from Queen’s University participated in distinguished panel sessions. According to a statement from the university, the seminars’ main focus was on solutions-based strategies for improving racial equality in research, education, and community involvement.

The Ethnic Representation Index 2023 has recently revealed study findings that highlight the urgent need for action within UK institutions to address racial gaps in the representation of academic staff and student populations. It is clear that there is a significant amount of diversity among students because about 25% of colleges claim to have a B.A.M.E. (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) student population of 50% or more, and a third reporting a percentage higher than 40%.

Interestingly, 78 colleges including Queen’s University have pledged to support Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter (REC), which aims to identify and remove obstacles encountered by BAME faculty, staff, and students by giving out prizes for proactive engagement. According to these results, Queen’s University is still a leader in racial equality, working to close these disparities and create a welcoming campus community.

“The University is a melting point for students from various ethnic groups living and studying together in perfect harmony,” said Professor Karen McCloskey, academic lead for the Race Equality Charter at Queens University Belfast. “By addressing racial needs we are taking a significant step towards enhancing their comfort and sense of belonging at the campus.” Our unshakable commitment to advancing racial equality is demonstrated by Queen’s alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Queen’s Strategy 2030, and the Advance HE Race Equality Charter.