IGNOU Launches New Programme in MBA Agribusiness Management (MBAABM)

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Posted on June 15, 2024


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The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) School of Agriculture is launching a Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness Management) that aims to prepare competent business professionals to boost the agricultural business and farmer’s economy.

The goal of this new curriculum is to create business experts who can profitably manage agro-based enterprises and farm businesses. The program has a two-year duration, with a maximum completion time of four years. Candidates may apply to the MBA Agribusiness Management program if they hold a bachelor’s degree in any field.

The IGNOU MBAABM program develops managerial skills and offers need-based education to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and create more livelihoods in the agriculture sector, all of which help to better the socioeconomic circumstances for individuals engaged in agribusiness.

The program’s main goals are to produce qualified business professionals for the agricultural, food, rural, and related industries; also, the program aims to encourage entrepreneurship and startups among farmers, middlemen, and traders in the agribusiness chain.

It aims to provide these professionals with specialized managerial abilities, increase their proficiency in overseeing the techno-commercial facets of agriculture, and transfer the knowledge required to successfully handle international trade, agricultural policies, and national development goals.

A wide spectrum of participants is the program’s target audience, including recent graduates, forward-thinking farmers, and agricultural extension agents. It serves managers, technicians, merchants, and intermediates in agro-industries and businesses handling agricultural inputs and outputs. Furthermore, the curriculum is perfect for new businesses, entrepreneurs, managers, market researchers, and staff members of governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the agriculture and related fields.

IGNOU’s Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness Management) program offers extensive courses that are intended to give students a wide variety of management and agribusiness abilities. Along with a sizable project work component, the program’s main areas of focus are agribusiness management and policy, project management, commodities trading, production and supply chain management, procurement, and materials management.

Comprehensive instruction will be given on the management of agricultural business operations, including horticulture production, livestock, agri-equipment, post-harvest management, organic farming, renewable energy in agriculture, food safety and quality, and agricultural extension. The curriculum results in a strong basis and advanced knowledge of managing several facets of agriculture.