The University of Alberta and Kaplan announces plans for international students

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Posted on June 18, 2024


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Plans to introduce foundation programs for overseas students have been launched by Kaplan overseas and the University of Alberta. The university said in a statement that the new foundation program will boost its strategic objective to increase enrollment and increase its efforts to recruit students from abroad beginning in the 2024–2025 academic year.

“After a thorough RFP process, we are overjoyed to have been chosen as the university’s strategic partner on this exciting project,” stated Hannah Drover, executive director of Kaplan International Pathways in Canada.

“Kaplan highly values the University of Alberta’s stellar reputation both domestically and internationally, as well as its commitment to providing students with the best possible academic, social, and career success outcomes.” The speaker went on.

“Alberta is a very welcoming and helpful province for international students, and Edmonton is a great city for students.” This is the start of a fantastic, influential collaboration.

By the third year of the program, the alliance hopes to have served 500 kids, up from its initial goal of serving 100 in the first academic year. 

As part of the university’s foundation program, Kaplan will seek out and offer specialized support services to international students who will enroll in their first year of study.

The university explained that students who meet entry requirements will move on to a degree program in their second year after completing a “transition year” in the program.

In other news, the Nice-based language school Azurlingua has been acquired by Kaplan Languages Group.

While Kaplan provides online and in-person English, French, and German language instruction, Azurlingua Language School has been providing French language instruction for over 30 years in both classroom and online formats. The language school will persist in operating under the Azurlingua brand.

“This is fantastic news for all parties concerned,” Kaplan Languages Group COO David Fougere stated.

“Azurlingua’s remarkable alignment with our principles and vision is evident.” Kaplan has been a leader in education for more than 85 years, enabling students to achieve their professional goals and become fluent in English.

Our French and European portfolio is growing thanks to our partnership with Azurlingua, and we are excited to carry on this adventure with a group that is well-known for providing exceptional support and service. My sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who helped make this a reality.

The decision to join Kaplan Languages Group, according to CEO Jean Luc Librati of Azurlingu, is a “significant milestone” for the language school.

According to Luc Librati, “Azurlingua has emerged as a premier French language school for non-native speakers since 1990.”

He went on, “We are united in our commitment to providing international students with the highest educational standards.” Our team’s commitment has been instrumental in our three decades of success, and I am incredibly appreciative of them as we start this new chapter. We’re going to stay a close-knit family that values quality.