Six years running, QS ranks London the top student city.

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Posted on June 19, 2024


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In 2025, London maintained its position as the world’s greatest student city, having held the title since 2018. The QS greatest Student Cities rankings take into account the student mix, desirability, employer activity, and affordability of university cities. The top ten list was completed by Tokyo, Seoul, Munich, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, and Montreal.

Cities in the top 10 that saw increases in the ranking year over year were Sydney, which went from position seven to six, and Montreal, which moved up three spots from 13 to 10, to finally make it into the top 10.

Improvements in Employer Activity and Affordability were beneficial for Sydney, while improvements in Student Mix, Employer Activity, and Affordability were beneficial for Montreal.

London, one of the 16 cities in the UK to be ranked, was given top billing for its “world-class higher education landscape,” which includes two of the world’s top 10 universities, the most of any city, along with Boston.

The UK capital received great marks for the calibre of its universities; the most current QS World University Rankings list about eighteen London-based institutions.

Furthermore, both present and previous students have given London’s on-campus diversity and academic excellence high marks.

In QS’s Employer Reputation indicator, London universities performed exceptionally well, with 11 out of 18 showing improvement, one staying the same, and six showing decline.

When it came to their percentage of international students, the universities in the capital fared very well; eleven out of the eighteen universities were ranked in the top 50 worldwide, and three more were ranked in the top 100.

In the meanwhile, graduates have demonstrated that London’s business climate is still very good. The Employer Activity indicator increased to fourth place internationally this year from eighth place the previous year, indicating that the city offers plenty of professional prospects for recent graduates.

“London’s six-year run as the world’s best student city demonstrates how the UK capital and its top universities continue to provide students from around the world with an amazing experience,” stated Diana Beech, CEO of London Higher.

The announcement follows the recent launching of a campaign by London Higher that aimed to dispel some myths regarding studying in the city and highlight the cultural diversity and inclusivity of the capital and the UK as a whole.

London’s designation as the Best Student City of 2025, according to Jessica Turner, CEO of QS, is a “celebration of its role as a premier destination for education, innovation, and cultural vibrancy.”

Turner worries that the UK won’t be able to sustain its attraction in the face of shifting visa laws, despite the country’s overall success.

“At QS, we are worried about how long this success will persist in light of the more stringent international student visa requirements that have been in place since January.

“Student applications have significantly decreased as a result of these adjustments. Due to the decline in the number of overseas students and the falling real-terms worth of domestic tuition fees, over 50 UK universities have already acknowledged staff layoffs, and this worrying trend is still affecting additional institutions.

“Maintaining our nation’s attractiveness to foreign students is essential, as it is critical to the health and financial stability of our universities as well as the advancement of our society overall,” stated Turner.