IGNOU Launches MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management

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Posted on June 26, 2024


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Master of Business Administration in Health Care and Hospital Management is a new degree offered by the Indira Gandhi National Institute of Open University (IGNOU). The course is open to graduates with at least 50% (45% for candidates from restricted groups as defined by Indian government regulations) in their final grades.

The program’s goal is to provide a trained labor force that is prepared for work in hospitals, allied businesses, and healthcare facilities in both the public and private sectors. The goal of this IGNOU project is to guarantee high-quality healthcare across the country, even in rural areas, and to effectively support Go through the news release.

Students who successfully complete the program may be hired for managerial and administrative positions in healthcare organizations or organizations with a connection to healthcare. The fees for each semester are as follows: Rs 15,500 for the first semester, Rs 15,500 for the second, Rs 19,500 for the third, and Rs 17,500 for the fourth.

112 credits total throughout the four semesters of the program.  Seven core courses, at four credits each, are offered in the first and second semesters; specialized courses are offered in the third and fourth semesters. During the third semester, students are required to complete a project and a practical. They will be placed in hospitals or other healthcare facilities for the practical course, where they will practice practical skills in a medical environment. In addition, the students must complete a three-month internship at a hospital or institution related to the healthcare industry that they choose.

“In order to apply a scientific approach to managing people, materials, finances, and communication as well as for organizing work and managing resources, students can acquire theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills.” a quote from the news announcement. In addition to the aforementioned, the following are some learning objectives that students should anticipate upon finishing the course:

– Acquire knowledge of contemporary management strategies, such as operational research, inventory control, economic order quantity (EOQ), organizational development, and management information systems.

– Prepare for hospital administration challenges by learning problem-solving and decision-making techniques and applying biostatistics to planning and medico-administrative research.

– Evaluate the demands for both clinical and non-clinical patient care while being aware of the administrative and technical needs of medical professionals and paramedical staff.

– To maximize efficiency, apply general management functions and concepts to a variety of services.

– Learn the principles and practices of health management and its interactive roles with medical care in hospitals along with the use of epidemiological techniques to study the prevalence of diseases and their patterns in the community to plan health care services.