Ahmedabad University Launches Dual Degree BxMx Programme

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Posted on June 29, 2024


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The dual degree BxMx program, which was introduced by Ahmedabad University on Thursday, enables undergraduate students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in one field while finishing a master’s degree in a different field in five years. Students can choose to enroll in the BxMx program starting this academic year. It is intended to provide undergraduate Arts and Science students with a professional degree.

“Ahmedabad University is committed to assisting students in identifying their areas of interest and securing employment in those sectors. Vice-Chancellor and professor Pankaj Chandra stated, “The BxMx program strengthens that ability for our students and also better prepares them for newer career opportunities that occur at the boundaries of many disciplines.”

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020), which actively supports innovative combinations of several degrees to strengthen critical and analytical thinking and promote employability, is in line with the new BxMx program.

The institution stated that by giving many entry and exit points, the program “does away with rigid boundaries and provides opportunities for research-based specializations and multidisciplinary work.” For instance, a student majoring in humanities and social sciences who wants to work in banking can easily apply to the BxMx program and finish both an MBA and a BA.

Similarly, by fulfilling the requirements for the BxMx Program, a student who has completed a BS in Physics or Mathematical and Computational Sciences can pursue a Master’s in Quantitative Finance.

The ability to pursue a bachelor’s degree in one subject while advancing to a master’s degree in another sets it apart from typical integrated programs, which concentrate on a single, linear educational path, according to Chandra.

When they first enroll at the institution, students have the option to enroll in the BxMx program, or they can apply later. There will be a set of standards for eligibility, admission, and courses that must be finished in the first four years. After four years, students might choose to leave the program, in which case they will receive their respective undergraduate degrees. After completing the credit and cumulative grade point average (CGPA) criteria at the conclusion of semesters four, five, and six, the program also offers several entry options.

As the university develops other master’s programmes, undergraduate students will have access to several options for completing master’s degrees in varied disciplines after their undergraduate education.