New Zealand witnesses 69,000 international student enrollments in 2023

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Posted on July 3, 2024


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New Zealand is a well-liked study abroad destination because it has been welcoming to international students and provides high-quality education. According to an official press release from Education New Zealand, the number of international students studying in New Zealand increased by 69,000 last year.

A government organization called Education New Zealand works to ensure that the nation understands the social, cultural, and financial advantages of foreign education.

As of 2023, 69,135 foreign students were enrolled in New Zealand schools, according to the most recent statistics. In comparison to the entire year of 2022 and 60% of yearly enrollments in 2019, this signifies a 67% increase.

Linda Sissons, Acting Chief Executive of Education New Zealand, said, “Over 69,000 enrolments from international students all over the world is good news for our education sector and positive for our communities.”

She went on to say that it proves that New Zealand is a desirable destination for students and provides high-quality instruction both inside and outside of the classroom in a friendly and secure setting.

Since New Zealand is a tiny nation, many students find that interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds helps them better comprehend the problems that our complicated world faces. The diverse university community can foster a better sense of tolerance and understanding during these uncertain times in geopolitics, the speaker continued.

The university subsector, which accounted for 29,065 students or 86% of all enrolments in 2019, experienced the largest recovery. According to the release, the two biggest sub sectors in New Zealand for overseas students are universities and schools.

Enrollments of international students have increased in all sub sectors compared to 2022, with the exception of wananga, a public institution that offers education within the Maori cultural environment. The percentage growth in international enrollment at English language schools was the highest, rising from 1,565 to 9,570, or 511 percent.

China is the greatest source market for international students among other nations in the field of international education, accounting for 35% of all students.

After Japan (10%), South Korea (5%), Thailand (4%), and India (17%), the largest is South Korea. No other country accounted for more than 4% of all enrollments among the other source countries.

“A top government priority is facilitating a globally integrated and prosperous New Zealand via top-notch international education. In order to attract international students in a wide range of nations, we are actively broadening the scope of our recruitment activities,” Sissons continued.