Brazilian ELT association picks new board of directors

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Posted on July 9, 2024


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The recently appointed BELTA president, who oversees the TravelMate agency in Curitiba, welcomed sponsors and special guests from around the world to the event, which was held on June 26 at the Travelex Confidence Group’s headquarters in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

According to Alexandre Argenta, “We value telling more stories over time, always valuing quality, safety, respect, and responsibility.”

Being a part of Belta’s story is extremely fulfilling, as the company has been providing Brazilians with essential information regarding studying abroad for over 30 years. 

“It is imperative to give top priority to providing excellent customer service to all clients seeking out agencies that are recognized by the BELTA Seal,” he went on.

The organization had planned the event as a “board inauguration cocktail,” and early selections for the group had been made earlier in the year.

Argenta has been appointed president of the board, Maura Leão, the head of Yázigi Travel, has been appointed finance director (previously president), Antonio Flávio Crusoé Junior of BEX, based in Salvador, has been appointed institutional relations director, and Marina Jendiroba, the director of the Brazil-wide Intercultural agency, has been appointed operational director.

“Every new director brings a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to us as we develop the best strategies to support the experience of international education for as many people as possible,” Argenta continued.

In addition, two new committees were chosen for the director instalment: an audit council and an ethics committee, both of which are fully composed of women.

Since the Audit Council was selected over Zoom in 2021 during the pandemic, nothing has changed.

It is composed of Carla Amaral from Central do Estudante in Belo Horizonte, Carisitane Marie Cardoso de Mello Silva from International Schools in Rio de Janeiro, and Derci Jardim, the proprietor of Cultura Global, which is situated in São Paulo.

One member of the 2021 grouping has changed, according to the Ethics Committee: Vivian Lacerda of Beeducation in São Paulo has taken Crusoé Junior’s seat.

Anana Beatriz Faulhaber from CP4 Curso no Exterior in Salvador and Roberta Guschow from Roda Mundo Intercâmbio in São Paulo are the other members of the continuing ethics commission.

Consul Generals of Australia John Prowse and Canada’s Consulate General Jaqueline Aguilar were among the special guests that attended.

Simone Ricci, Stephanie Olivera dos Santos, Bruna de Natale, Patricia dos Santos, and Austrade, Education New Zealand, and the British Council were the education bodies represented. The Spanish embassy of Brazil’s education advisor José María Durán Gómez also attended the celebration.