How to Get a Government Job through Sports Education?

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By Swetha Sukumar

Posted on July 11, 2024


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Sports and games are a great way to keep children active and healthy without hindering their academic pursuits. Additionally, physical activity has been clinically proven to increase cognitive and memory functions, which can help children perform better in school. Therefore, it is necessary to steer the sports sector forward. To this end, to inculcate the passion and talent for sports among children who are interested in sports and also to promote this passion for sports among the players, the Government of India has implemented sports quota in education and government jobs.

We all know that government jobs in India are  popular with people, especially the youth. A government job gives a citizen an opportunity to serve the country and provides job stability. But the fact that it is possible to get government jobs through sports is also a plus point for those interested in this field.  It is not necessary to win medals in sports to serve, participating in national sports also gives students an opportunity to contribute in their own way.

Government Jobs through Sports Quota

Sports quotas are very popular and exist in almost every field of academia and government employment. The aim of sports quota is to provide financial assistance to athletes across the nation so they can adequately resupply their teams and themselves in a variety of sports. Moreover, the sports quota is essential to nurture and support young sports talents within our country. They offer athletes sustainable career paths, enabling them to contribute to both sports and society. By recognizing and appreciating their sporting achievements, young athletes are inspired to excel in their chosen sport and become role models for future generations.

  • Sports Quota Job Opportunities in India

Many jobs sectors in the central government and state government include sports quota. So let’s look at some of the government jobs available through sports quota.

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Railways
  • Indian Armed Force
  • Central and State Police Forces
  • Government Banks
  • Central and State Government Universities
  • Public Service Commission
  • PSUs

Roles may vary from physical education instructors to sports officers and administrators.

  • Sports Quota Jobs Eligibility Criteria

All the departments have their own personal criteria for the selection of government jobs coming out of the sports quota, which it is mandatory for the players to fulfill. Apart from this, there is also a provision of different eligibility criteria according to different grade pay for the job in sports quota by the state government.  Some of the eligibility criteria for sportspeople are following:

  • Academic qualifications such as Class 10, 12, Graduation, or equivalent are required for applying to central government sports quota jobs.
  • Should have represented his/her state or nation in national or international sports events.
  • Represented his/her university in interuniversity sports competitions.
  • Represented any state school team in inter-state school competition organized by All India School Games Federations.
  • Awarded the National Award of Physical Efficiency under the Drive of National Physical Efficiency.


  • Selection Process for the Job in Sports Quota

Player candidates are selected on the basis of Sports Trail, Medical Test, Sports Performance Trail, Physical Fitness, Interview, General Intelligence, Personality Test and more.

These jobs provide a foundation for long-term sports and government service careers, with possibilities for growth, promotions, and additional training.

Promising jobs through sports quota ensures good posts and compensation in future. Also along with benefits like retirement plans, medical facilities and fixed salary, reservation policies ensure a fair chance for candidates with sports background. Government jobs through sports quotas serve as a bridge between sports and government service, enabling athletes to pursue their dreams while making meaningful contributions to their communities and the country as a whole.