Australia: students awaiting visas are advised to cancel their college applications

Australian universities are advising prospective students to withdraw their applications prior to the Department of Home Affairs returning their visas. The University of Wollongong and at least one other university that isn’t named have instructed prospective students to withdraw their applications because they don’t think they would be able to meet the increased visa requirements […]

Australia Says: “International students are too high.”

The number of students is currently “too high,” according to a former Australian minister who had previously marketed the nation as a “destination of choice for international students.” The half a million student applications this year are a “record,” according to Dan Tehan, the shadow immigration minister, who spoke with Sky News Australia. “We believe […]

Relationship “reaching new heights” between Australia and India

Under the direction of the nation’s minister of education, an Australian delegation comprising leaders in higher education is visiting Indonesia and India. Jason Clare is visiting India for the second time this year as part of the government’s efforts to “strengthen” ties in the field of education between the two nations. Clare will co-chair the annual […]