Searoute International Overseas Services

Do you constantly dream of studying & settling in an international country? Are you struggling to find out which course and university suits you best? Are you stuck somewhere in between the process? Do you need help to start over? Worry no more! Presenting Searoute International. Searoute is an overseas education consultancy that has been […]

ASBM presents Summer Carnival 2K23

Albedo School of Business Management is a self-standing ISO 29990:2010 certified autonomous institution founded in 2012, with a vision to ensure knowledge enhancement through e-learning platform. The journey in the education field has broaden the scope of A.S.B.M from E-learning education to regular programs and curriculum developers. The unique education methodology through integrated short-term courses […]

What Does Feminism Mean to You? (1st Prize)

Women are the most special creatures on the earth with the most enduring capacity. This enduring capacity has led them to face many oppressions in the society. Feminism can be described as a movement for the rights of the women and for their equality on all basis. It is a form of movement against patriarchy. […]

What Does Feminism Mean to You
What Does Feminism Mean to You? (2nd Prize)

In this day and age where technology and social media has taken over the world, the world’s crazily genius species, we, the Homo Sapiens took pride on our capabilities and innovations. Yet, we are still on page one in fighting for freedom, debating and judging over the rights and opportunities on promoting feminism. For the […]

Ten Trailblazing Women in Education Today
Ten Trailblazing Women in Education Today

Women are making their mark in every industry, whether politics, sports, business, film or music. This trend carries on in the education sector as well. Early advocates of education like Savitribai Phule and Vimla Kaul paved the way for education for young girls and women across the country.  Lifting even a single woman to a […]