As migration rises Australia tightens regulations on student visas and increases financial requirements 

In an effort to control record migration, Australia announced on Wednesday that it will increase the savings required of foreign students in order to obtain a visa. It also alerted multiple universities to dishonest student recruitment methods. The second hike in roughly seven months, overseas students will need to demonstrate proof of savings of at […]

Australia tightens regulations for student visas as immigration reaches a record high.

Australia is set to enforce stricter visa regulations on international students this week, following the release of government data indicating that migration has reached a new high. This development is expected to intensify the already intense rental market. Starting on Saturday, there will be more stringent English language standards for graduate and student visas. Additionally, […]

Leaders caution that the Canada visa restriction would harm diversity.

Leaders of Canadian French and English language programs warned that the study visa restriction runs the danger of forcing colleges to accept students from nations with high visa conversion rates and undermining diversity objectives in higher education.   The number of foreign study visas granted in Canada will now be capped at 360,000, as stated by […]

Amid the housing crisis, Canada considers a cap on foreign students.

As the country’s housing crisis worsens, Canada is thinking of imposing a limit on the number of foreign students who may reside there. Concerns concerning the number of foreign students in the nation at the moment were voiced by Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. In response to mounting pressure on the government […]

Canada recently unveiled additional steps to guard against fraud for overseas students.

Canada, a country that has long been a top choice for international students due to its top-notch educational institutions, welcoming environment, and chances for employment after graduation, has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Many Indian students have fallen victim to scam involving student visas and phoney university letters. In order to address […]