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Preschool classroom managemen
Teacher-Child Relationship and Preschool Classroom Management

Did you know that children who have a strong sense of security, trust, and confidence usually learn more than their peers? One way children acquire these traits early in life is through strong, healthy relationships with their caregivers. Preschooling is a major turning point in a child’s life. Because school creates a situation where the […]

What is Classroom Management and Why is it important
What is Classroom Management and Why is it important?

Have you ever thought about how the atmosphere of a classroom can influence a child’s entire life? With careful observation and guidance, a child can grow cognitively, socially, and emotionally without disruptions. It is the environment that matters for a better and healthy classroom. Classroom management is a multifaceted concept that plays a pivotal role […]

Classroom Management in the Now
Classroom Management in the Now

In the age-old gurukula system of teaching, widely practiced in India centuries ago, the interdisciplinary methods of knowledge delivery, the harmonious system in which the students learned, and the equality that was gifted to the guru-shishya partnership ensured that learning was a system of co-creation and symbiosis. Fast forward to today, the world has transformed, […]

21st Century Skills That Children Should Be Equipped With
21st Century Skills That Children Should Be Equipped With

The fundamental idea of requisite knowledge is constantly changing. The key skill today is not to memorize a mammoth text but to use the information that is readily available at our fingertips purposefully and effectively. Today’s children are expected to adopt multi-purpose skills which they can transfer to many professions. These are called transferable skills. […]

Does Social Media Improve Learning
Does Social Media Improve Learning?

Social media has become a part of human life in this fast information technology age. In the beginning, social media was just for entertainment purposes, but now it influences how we live, how we work and learn.  Using social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and so on provides free access to online communication and […]