Special Education

Psychology of Slow Learners
Decoding the Psychology of Slow Learners

If history is to be believed, some of the greatest minds in the field of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities were slow starters or slow learners. It is said that Albert Einstein’s teachers were worried about his learning speed and wanted him to drop out.  Thomas Edison’s father did not believe that his child could learn […]

Remedial education
Closing the Gap: Importance of Remedial Classes

What is Remedial Education? Remedial education, sometimes referred to as developmental or compensatory education, is a style of instruction created to assist kids in achieving their expected level of proficiency in fundamental academic abilities including literacy and numeracy. To ‘remedy’ is to heal or to fix, in the most literal sense. Similar to this, remedial […]

Digital Classrooms For Slow Learners 
Digital Classrooms For Slow Learners 

Children who are slow learners tend to be late in achieving their milestones and fall behind in various activities including academics. Slow learners may seem to lack the skills  for their age but it is crucial to understand that special education services are provided for students who have a disability, and slow learners typically do […]

How To Teach | Effective Methods To Improve Slow Learning
How To Teach Slow Learners And Effective Methods To Improve Slow Learning

It is the duty of an educational institution and its teachers to find out the children who are backward in learning and understand their problems and help them.  In every class, there will be some slow learners. However, with a little extra care and attention, these slow learners can catch up with other students. You […]

Remedial Education & Special Education
Remedial Education & Special Education: Not the Same

When coping with their children’s learning challenges, parents often don’t know what kind of assistance they should look for. In light of various experiments, researchers have found that parents are unsure if their children need special education or remedial education. Despite the frequent interchangeability of these names, there is a significant distinction between the contexts […]