Canada Tightens Study Permit Rules to Safeguard International Students

The Canadian federal government intends to halt the issuing of study permits for postsecondary students if schools fail to adequately manage international student enrollment. Under the proposed regulations, colleges and universities would be forced to notify the federal Immigration Department of students’ attendance and adherence to study permit conditions. The goal of this program is […]

New Zealand witnesses 69,000 international student enrollments in 2023

New Zealand is a well-liked study abroad destination because it has been welcoming to international students and provides high-quality education. According to an official press release from Education New Zealand, the number of international students studying in New Zealand increased by 69,000 last year. A government organization called Education New Zealand works to ensure that […]

Australia’s new visa rules to hit Indian students

Australia has announced that it will double the cost of student visas for international students, from $473 (AUD 710) to $1,068 (AUD 1,600), effective Monday, July 1. This move may have an effect on aspiring Indian students. Additionally, different categories of temporary visa holders will not be able to apply for student visas from within […]

Canada’s new international student program expected to halve the study permit

An education recruitment company’s analysis indicates that Canada’s foreign student program revamp is expected to result in a halving of the number of approved international study permits this year. ApplyBoard said in a report on Wednesday that the number of study permits awarded might fall to 229,000 if application volumes and acceptance rates from the […]

US To Attract 2.8 Million International Students By 2034

A recent report by the worldwide research firm HolonIQ suggests that by 2034, there might be between 1.3 million and 2.8 million international students studying in the United States. According to Erudera, there are currently 1,057,188 international students studying in the US, representing more than 210 nations. By 2030, the US is anticipated to welcome […]