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The National Education Policy 2020 is an ambitious and progressive document that aims to transform and revitalize school and higher education in the country. In its overall scope and in its details, the policy seems to bring together best practices from successful education systems across the world. However, does the policy entirely reflect the ground […]

National Education Policy 202
National Education Policy 2020 and implications for its implementation

Noble Purpose: Purpose of educationis to develop good human beings – capable of rational thought and action, compassion & empathy, courage & resilience, scientific temper & creative imagination, ethics & values. New Education Policy 2020 is in the right direction to achieve this purpose.  Policy has been made and now the states are in the […]

NEP & the Politics of Exclusion

34 years later, a new national education policy has taken shape in the country. The Central Cabinet has approved a policy document that undermines the values of the existing education sector. Education determines the destiny of a country, and a significant policy change in this domain without parliamentary debate is clearly undemocratic. Though the first […]

Implementation of NEP in our education system
Implementation of NEP in our Education System

The Union cabinet in July 2020 approved the New Education Policy (NEP), which aims at universalization of education from pre-school to secondary level. NEP-2020, which will replace the National Policy on Education-1986, is an inclusive framework focusing on the elementary-level of education to higher education in the country. As the objective of any education system […]

NEP 2020 to revamp Indian education sector through appropriate interventions
NEP 2020 to Revamp Indian Education Sector Through Appropriate Interventions

National educational policy 2020 released after 34 of years of existing educational system has taken into account the changing trends in education and career sector across the globe. At a time when services sector supersedes primary agriculture and secondary industrial sectors, this assumes more significant. NEP envisages in improving the quality of education at different […]