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Women in Science- Pushing boundaries or being stalled by them
Women in Science – Pushing boundaries or being stalled by them?

For the February 2024 edition of Education Today’s stories, we chose the theme ‘Women and Girls in STEM’. While it’s partly inspired by the fact that the International Day of Women and Girls in Science has been celebrated each February for the past nine years, it is also because as an educational institution, we believe […]

Geriatric Care in India
Geriatric Care in India and Challenges on the Way Forward

Ageing is something that can never be defined. Every period of a man’s life is as important as his childhood. As per our Indian culture we give special consideration and care to parents and the elderly. And they see it as their children’s duty to care for their aged parents. But in this changing era, […]

Role of Geriatric Care Assistant
Role of Geriatric Care Assistant

Who is a geriatric assistant? What are the possible roles a geriatric assistant needs to take up? Geriatric Care Assistants (GCAs), also known as Nursing Aides or Elderly Care Attendants, typically operate in the settings of hospitals, homes, and Old Age Homes. Geriatric nursing assistants are allied health professionals focusing on providing health and hygiene […]

Geriatric Care and Scope of the Course

Have you ever heard of geriatric medicine? Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that plans and coordinates the care of the elderly or ones suffering from other mental/physical disabilities. Being an elderly care sector, it makes for a somewhat sensitive work environment. A person opting for this field must have strong decision-making skills, maturity to […]

scope of geriatric care
Scope Of Geriatric Care Abroad

Being an infant is not the same as being an elderly person. To continue moving forward in life, nevertheless, both require the greatest attention and assistance. While taking care of a baby is not easy, taking care of the elderly can be even tougher. Elderly people seek abundant patience and unwavering kindness.  Opportunities that await […]