English proficiency might result in an 80% pay increase.

A recent poll found that most people who speak English as a second language think that having strong language abilities may result in a pay boost of up to 80%.  By the end of 2023, over 5,000 English speakers from the US, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Italy, and Japan had taken part in the Pearson research. […]

IIM-Bangalore launches short term leadership coaching programme for managers

An initiative for a certificate programme in Leadership Coaching has been introduced by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, or IIMB. This nine-month programme aims to give working managers and leaders the tools they need to reach their full coaching potential and have a positive impact on their teams. Interested candidates have time till February 28 to apply for this long distance programme by IIM Bangalore. Aspirants have to visit the official website to apply — eep.iimb.ac.in/course/certificate-programme-in-leadership-coaching/. The programme fee is Rs 7,40,000. It is necessary for applicants to upload both their graduation certificate and CV through the online application portal. On March 5 and 12, 2024, the shortlisted applicants’ list will be announced. This programme, which will last for nine months, will combine live online classes with in-person meetings. It will start on April 1. Three modules make up the course curriculum. The first module covers the fundamentals of coaching and how to build both interpersonal and individual effectiveness. While the final module gives participants the opportunity to practically develop their “Coaching Muscle,” the second module explores the specifics of honing and developing coaching skills. Participants will receive IIMB EEP alumni status upon programme completion, and the coaching certification will enable them to become accredited ACC-level coaches by the ICF. 

The new Scottish policy is centred around research investment, diversity, and TNE.

The first complete foreign education strategy from the Scottish government was announced recently, with intentions to promote colleges and universities abroad and hire more staff.  The area wants to collaborate with its universities and colleges “to help diversify our international student population” while also ensuring that they can “maximize their contribution” to the region. This […]

Two thirds of international students in London work during their studies

Among other conclusions, a recent assessment on students’ experiences in London made the suggestion that data on the well-being of international students should be more uniformly shared throughout universities. A recent report titled “Living and Learning in London in 2023” by London Higher, the city’s higher education association, describes how both domestic and foreign students […]

New York intends to support the startup of overseas students

International graduates in New York State may find it simpler to settle down and start enterprises if new legislative ideas are approved. State governors outline their goals for the upcoming months each year. Kathy Hochul is eager to make sure that New York keeps international entrepreneurs in the area and helps them establish start-ups there.  While […]