Social Side of Education

Education is the image and reflection of society and it could be the force to transform society and resolve social ills. Teachers are the agents of transformation, education the stimulus and the students are the recipients and preservers of transformation. So how does education facilitate social transformation? What role education play in solving social problems? […]

Editors Note : Soft Skills in Education

We have come to an age where only a degree and a handful of certificates are not enough to outshine the competition. Training on areas like communication skills and world view development has become quintessential. Collectively known as soft skills, these skills refer to the capacity and ability of an individual to adapt to changing […]

Women Empowerment through Education

International Women’s Day is just around the corner! Every year, March 8th is celebrated to observe women’s success and achievement. So, ahead of this special day, Education Today – A catalyst to education sector, is here with a special issue to discuss the relationship between education and women empowerment. Empowerment of women is directly linked with […]

Editors Note – Exams in the Period of Pandemic

Academic evaluation of students is a very important milestone in any education system. However, the traditional way of academic evolution process where students are requested to gather at the examination center to write the exam is not possible in the context of covid-19 outbreak. Without conducting secure exams academic year would become meaningless and motivation for learning […]