In a US$39 million deal, Flywire seizes Studylink from Navitas.

In a historic transaction valued at US$39 million, Navitas sold Studylink, a programme for foreign student applications, to financial behemoth Flywire. Reports says that, Flywire is attempting to expand the growth of its market share in the Australian education payments industry while also “enhancing the value it provides to its global client, agent, and payer […]

Taiwan offers additional scholarships in an effort to retain graduates from abroad

To assist it reach its new goal of enrolling 320,000 international students by 2030, the education ministry will open offices abroad in nations including Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In 2022, there were about 19,000 foreign students in Taiwan. Prior to COVID, the number was almost 57,000. Ageing and declining fertility rates are major problems […]

IIT Madras is accepting applications for its campus in Zanzibar

Applications are being accepted for the Zanzibar campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras), which is a unique partnership between the governments of India, Zanzibar, and IIT Madras. Starting in October 2023, the campus will start offering academic programmes. A four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science and AI or a […]

Kerala Model of Education

Kerala might have lost its charm as most literate state. But it is still the most education obsessedstate in India. The state is known for having 100% enrolment of children in primary and secondaryschool, favourable student-teacher and student-school ratio, and excellent education infrastructure.These achievements are premised on centuries of widespread social and religious reforms, as […]

Editor’s Note: Social Side of Education – II

Education is the image and reflection of society and it could be the force to transform society and resolve social ills. Teachers are the agents of transformation, education the stimulus and the students are the recipients and preservers of transformation. So how does education facilitate social transformation? What role education plays in solving social problems? […]